Power Shift 2011

Can watching a movie be a political act? Ten groundbreaking filmmakers have come together with cutting-edge grassroots organizations to create a dynamic new film series that travels the globe, bringing you stories from the frontline of our energy future that will get your community talking and taking action. And now we are bringing the full experience to Power Shift 2011!

Working Films is excited to announce that the Reel Power film series will be part of the 2011 Power Shift program from April 15-18 in Washington D.C. This year’s Power Shift will feature Vice President Al Gore, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Green Jobs leader Van Jones, 350.org founder Bill McKibben, and a special Reel Power film festival.

Reel Power: Films Fueling the Energy Revolution is a new type of film experience founded as a collaboration between filmmakers, on-the-ground organizers and policy shapers to support the movement for a sustainable and just future. The collective includes some of the best award-winning environmental films of 2011: Deep Down, Dirty Business, Split Estate, and two Academy Award nominees:,Gasland and Sun Come Up. Also included are films-in-progress that address emerging struggles and potential energy alternatives: Cape Spin, Cooked,Green Shall Overcome, Solarize This and When Two Worlds Collide.

The filmmakers behind the Reel Power film series recognized that the movement for climate justice needed more than just one good film. So they combined their efforts to develop a story- and character-driven 360 degree look at the impact of climate change and solutions for an energy revolution.

From a woman in Kentucky fighting for her homeplace against the ravages of mountaintop removal, to an indigenous leader in Peru standing up against the exploitation of the Amazon, to a group of young people in California finding opportunity in a renewable energy training program – these films tell the collective stories of inspiring human resistance and innovation in the face of the worst climate injustices and challenges.

Power Shift is the world’s largest youth gathering and training for climate change solutions organized by the Energy Action Coalition. This year the conference will serve as the largest grassroots organizing training in history with the goals of catalyzing the clean energy economy, initiating more clean energy research on college campuses, and moving communities beyond dirty energy.

Reel Power films will be featured during Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening programs and Reel Power filmmakers will participate in a special mini-film festival screening and panel discussion on Sunday. Check out the write up on the PowerShift blog about Reel Power! Be sure to come to Washington D.C. and join over 10,000 youth leaders from across the country as we take a stand for the planet – Register for Power Shift today!

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